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SYTT Graduation Anniversary

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

In the Autumn of 2019 I started my yoga teacher training at Sellwood Yoga. I believe my statement in the first class was something like "I'm here to expand and deepen my yoga practice."

Three years ago, February 8, 2020, I graduated (at the Bottle Shop!) and started on the path to where I am today. And yes, my yoga practice expanded and deepened!

Thank you to Savonn Wyland and Bill Wyland for everything you do – for students and teachers and this community. Thank you to all my teachers (then and now!). Thank you to all my fellow students (and now fellow teachers) for support and encouragement. Thanks to my friends, family and students for being present for so much of this. Thank you to my husband Mark Evans for oodles of support and being my yoga guinea pig. And many, many thanks to my mother for starting me out all those years ago.



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