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I hate the word blog

But everyone uses it. Sounds like blob to me. Until I find a better descriptor this is my blob.

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What do you think of when you read this word?

  1. Stretching or exercising in a class or on your own

  2. Disco dance party

  3. Walking or running to a destination

  4. Hurry! Get out of my way!

  5. Changing your physical position in a purposeful manner

  6. Packing up and moving to a new home

How about all of the above?

#6 is the one top of my mind because we are moving to a new home in March. This is big for us!

We have been in the same house for over 30 years, more than 1/4 of the house's life has been with us as occupants (it was built in 1923) and we are only the third family to have lived in this house. Most of our life together (husband and I) has been here and our far-away family has mostly visited us here. For almost half my life I have lived in this house. Wow.

We feel sad and will miss being here as we have so much love for our yard (banana tree! hammock!) and home, and our neighbors on this street. The upside to leaving our life here behind is that we are only moving 11 blocks to Sellwood. We will still see everyone we know, shop at the same stores and visit the same parks and attend the same yoga classes. And our new home is all one level and no yard. Basement laundry will be a thing of the past!

Let me know if you'd like an invite to the housewarming party and you can visit the home where we will begin our third act of "aging in place".

Condo Sweet Condo!

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Winnie-the-Pooh is nearly one hundred years old (if you count his first appearance as "Teddy Bear" in When We Were Very Young published in 1924 by A.A. Milne.) And Winnie-the-Pooh is famous for thinking about his constant pursuit of hunny.

While I've got plenty of hunny in my cupboard (no pursuit required) I do a fair amount of thinking about aging–and more specifically Yoga and Healthy Aging. Dear old Pooh has the good fortune to be an ageless stuffed bear, however for the rest of us Healthy Aging is a worthy topic and a worthy goal. Healthy Aging, defined for the purpose of what I am sharing here, is the amount of time (in your lifetime) that you are in good health as opposed to time spent in ill health. It is likely that most humans will spend some portion of their life in sickness.

Maintaining vitality and wellness as we age is essential, and yoga is a fantastic way to achieve this. My Yoga for Healthy Aging* classes welcomes all ages, bodies, and experience levels. Join in this slower-paced, accessible, and energizing yoga class designed to support a healthy mind and body. Join and connect with others while experiencing the benefits of a mindful yoga practice.

*Wednesdays at 10:30 at Sellwood Yoga. Mondays at 1:30 at Lake Oswego Adult Community Center (Parks & Recreation department).

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Welcome to 2024.

My little play on words...

Some are the same and some are new.

REflect on a new word?

REvisit a selection?

Or time to RE-visit the same word?

I am planning to ReFine and REvise

{I shared a similar post last January.}

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