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Meet Rebecca

Rebecca took her first yoga class around age 10 and didn’t come back to the practice of yoga until much later in life. Looking for a way to become healthier and more active, she tried a few different yoga studios but felt most at home at Sellwood Yoga. After attending many classes and workshops she realized the importance of yoga (and her yoga teachers) to her life and overall well-being.


Then she made the big leap and enrolled in and graduated from the Sellwood Yoga Teacher Training 200-hour course in February 2020. In 2022 Rebecca completed and earned three additional certificates: Yoga for Healthy Aging/Baxter Bell and Melina Meza, Accessible Yoga, and

Sunlight Yoga Chair Yoga courses.


Rebecca completed Sellwood Yoga's 300-hour teacher training course in 2023 and is now a 500-hour certified teacher.

In 2020, she started teaching Chair Yoga and Restorative Yoga classes to private clientele (all via Zoom). She is now a regular teacher, hosting her own zoom classes, weekly classes at Sellwood Yoga, and at local senior living communities. In her Chair Yoga classes you will discover and experience the many benefits of yoga, no mat or getting down on the floor required. Restorative Yoga helps reset your nervous system in this very anxiety-provoking world we live in. Yoga for Healthy Aging classes are accessible to anyone and everyone!


Teaching gives her the opportunity to share her love of yoga and the rewards of a regular practice with you all.

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