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I hate the word blog

But everyone uses it. Sounds like blob to me. Until I find a better descriptor this is my blob.

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The end of the year is hard for me. Much easier to focus on the new year. Yet I'm not big into "resolutions" and "new you, etc" pressures. But I do like to stick to the habits I have. Yoga is one. Join me this year in a class! Lots of options...

Yoga for Healthy Aging OPTION 1 at Sellwood Yoga:

Weekly class at Sellwood Yoga EVERY Wednesday at 10:30 AM. New for 2024: added a live stream option and you can practice from anywhere. Registration at

Yoga for Healthy Aging OPTION 2 in Lake Oswego:

First session of the weekly class at the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center starts January 22 on Mondays at 1:30 PM. In person only.

First session runs for 7 weeks and second session begins on March 18. Both Residents and Non-Residents are welcome. Register here:

Chair Yoga via ZOOM:

Usually Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:30pm. Contact me for zoom link.

And lastly...

Yoga for Beginners: 3 Week Workshop Series

Your First Step Towards Mindful Movement

Whatever your age, experience with exercise, or level of fitness, yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body. When you’re brand new to yoga it can feel intimidating and be difficult to know exactly where and how to get started. Anyone can do yoga and yoga is for everyone.

The best way to know if yoga is for you is to give it a try!

3 week series on Thursdays

January 11, 18 and 25

and repeats again Feb 29, Mar 7 and Mar 14

4:30 to 5:45 pm

Registration and more details @SellwoodYoga

More yoga in 2024!

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Practicing and teaching yoga on Zoom.


I like to take yoga classes on Zoom

I like to practice yoga in person.

Same when I teach - both places!

In my yoga practice over the last month I’ve attended two workshops and taken other classes on live stream/Zoom* at Sellwood Yoga. Plenty of times I attended classes in the studio too–I love both “locations.” Sometimes the upside to practicing in studio is being in community, looking out at the garden, saying hello to friends. Other times the upside comes in staying home to practice: not leaving the house, staying ultra cozy, and being distracted by hummingbirds that come to the feeder right outside my studio space window.

Choosing to come to Sellwood Yoga (or any in person class) is extremely beneficial for so many of us. But there are people that may have transportation or mobility issues, or some other reason to not attend class in person. I want my yoga classes to be accessible and for many practicing online is the only option to maintain their regular practice. For others the reverse is true!

When I started teaching in early 2020 I taught just 2 restorative yoga classes in person (in studio at SY) and my Chair Yoga classes I live streamed from home, initially because the people I love dearly were many, many, many miles away. Of course during the pandemic all of us jumped to live stream yoga–both students and instructors. At that point I had already started my twice-weekly Chair Yoga classes so I kept them going and eventually found a group of regular yogis that I still teach to today. 

Once teaching in person resumed (in mid-2021, wearing masks), I stayed with teaching over Zoom. Even now I still teach Zoom Chair Yoga twice a week but I also teach in person at different locations: Yoga for Healthy Aging (YFHA) and Yoga for Beginners at Sellwood Yoga, Chair Yoga at a senior retirement community and YFHA at the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center. Occasionally I sub a class for another instructor at Sellwood Yoga, teaching both live stream and in studio simultaneously, referred to as a “hybrid” class. 

Yoga is staying online. More and more yoga classes are taught hybrid: live and in person, thus keeping yoga accessible for many. And, as if you couldn’t guess from the title of this post, I am adding a live stream option and Yoga for Healthy Aging at Sellwood Yoga is going hybrid! 

Starting on January 10, 2024, choose the live stream OR in studio option when registering for YFHA at Sellwood Yoga. Sign up at and hope to see you there!

You can see current class listings on my Classes and Schedule pages on my website. Perhaps you'll find a class you'd like to join. Thank you for the support.

*Clarification that I am referring to Zoom classes that are indeed “live”-streamed and attended in real time, not recorded classes watched at a later date. Those are great too BTW. 


Zoom class from April 2020 with Janis and Charlotte.

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Yup - I had a Kinship in Grief workshop scheduled for mid-November on the weekend before Thanksgiving. I canceled it a few weeks before. True it had very few sign-ups (only one actually) but that wasn't why. It was that I was IN my grief and not open about it. At least not with most people. But I realized that if I didn't have space for my own grief that it would likely leave me little room to hold space for others. So that's that.

I'll bring the idea back but I am going to rework it. The title I am considering is: Yoga, Poetry and Grief. My mother had written in the year before she died: "It all comes down to poetry." She meant it. Poetry was everything to her. That's where we'll go in my next workshop.

Here is a favorite poem, one of the last I read aloud to her.

I Am Of Ireland by William Butler Yeats

'I am of Ireland,

And the Holy Land of Ireland,

And time runs on,' cried she.

'Come out of charity,

Come dance with me in Ireland.'

One man, one man alone

In that outlandish gear,

One solitary man

Of all that rambled there

Had turned his stately head.

That is a long way off,

And time runs on,' he said,

'And the night grows rough.'

'I am of Ireland,

And the Holy Land of Ireland,

And time runs on,' cried she.

'Come out of charity

And dance with me in Ireland.'

'The fiddlers are all thumbs,

Or the fiddle-string accursed,

The drums and the kettledrums

And the trumpets all are burst,

And the trombone,' cried he,

'The trumpet and trombone,'

And cocked a malicious eye,

'But time runs on, runs on.'

I am of Ireland,

And the Holy Land of Ireland,

And time runs on,' cried she.

"Come out of charity

And dance with me in Ireland.'

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